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This is a weblog I'm keeping about my work on Debian and any other useful Debian related info I come across. It is not meant to compete with other news sources like Debian Weekly News or Debian Planet. Mostly it is just a way for me to classify and remember all the random bits of information that I have floating around me. I thought maybe by using a blog it could be of some use to others too. Btw. "I" refers to Jaldhar H. Vyas, Debian developer for over 8 years. If you want to know more about me, my home page is here.

The name? Debain is a very common misspelling of Debian and la salle de bains means bathroom in French.

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Saturday, November 3 2012

A Tale To Strike Terror Into The Hearts Of All Men, Ninjas, and Disney Princesses

Normally around this time of year I would post a picture of one of my children in their Halloween costumes but alas this All-Hallows Eve, Hurricane Sandy has put an end to such frivolity. For, from out of this hell-born wind comes the tale of a creature so horrifying that even puissant warlocks of dark power cower in their Batman pajamas at the sound of his doom-laden moans rending the night as he wanders pitiously through the blackened streets searching for his forbidden love. I speak of the one known only as...


Halloween Pic

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