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The name? Debain is a very common misspelling of Debian and la salle de bains means bathroom in French.

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Monday, October 15 2007

Neoconservatism Is Good For The Environment

One of the common criticisms of the war in Iraq is that it was just an excuse to plunder that nations' oil. Of course that wasn't the reason however on Blog Action Day I urge environmentalists to think about why that might have actually been a better reason than the ones the politicians gave.

The world supply of oil will probably run out in my lifetime. While alternative sources of energy are being researched, they have yet to be viable on a large enough scale to keep the world economy running at its present rate of progress. For the time being we must depend on oil and it is of vital importance that this precious resource is managed carefully.

The problem is that it is not. Whereas civilized countries use energy for good purposes most of the oil is produced in countries which can only be described as evil. Take Saddams Iraq for instance; apologists claim it was one of the most advanced Arab nations, but that isn't setting a very high bar is it? Oil wealth was not used to better the lives of citizens but to prop up a savage and despotic regime. It is the poor and desperate deprived of the ability to take part in free markets who despoil the environment in a struggle to survive. Look at the other major oil producers and there too you will see a veritable rogues gallery. Some of these villains may be motivated by fundamentalism, some by socialism but the effect is the same. The common man in their countries does not get to enjoy the fruits of progress They are forced to muddle along with old, energy-inefficient, pollution-causing tech and their large numbers and vast geographical range undermine any modest environmental gains made by a few middle-class Westerners.

How could anyone who cares about the fate of our mother Earth stand by and watch her bounty being squandered by dictators? See rapidly dwindling resources wasted on jihad and revolution? The next time there is talk of war, be environmentally responsible and ask your representatives to make securing oil and spreading capitalism priorities. You owe it to your planet.

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