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This is a weblog I'm keeping about my work on Debian and any other useful Debian related info I come across. It is not meant to compete with other news sources like Debian Weekly News or Debian Planet. Mostly it is just a way for me to classify and remember all the random bits of information that I have floating around me. I thought maybe by using a blog it could be of some use to others too. Btw. "I" refers to Jaldhar H. Vyas, Debian developer for over 5 years. If you want to know more about me, my home page is here.

The name? Debain is a very common misspelling of Debian and la salle de bains means bathroom in French.

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Wed, 08 Dec 2004

Bad One ...

Apparently noted LKML loon Jeff Merkely has found a new field to make dumb statements in according to something I read on Aneesh Kumars' blog. Jeff said:

> Interesting trivia. Krishna in hindi means "all attractive". The Greeks 
> took the word and over time it was corrupted into the word "Christ" which was
> later used for Jesus of Nazereth. I lot of people probably don't know his 
> last name actually came from the  Vedic culture.

Uh no. Krishna isn't Hindi it is Sanskrit and means "black" or "dark." (Referring to His skin color.) Christos is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Moshiach meaning "Anointed one". There is no etymological relationship between the two whatsoever. Perhaps a minor thing, but it drives me up the wall.

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Join Us Now And Share The Software

This year Linuxworld is moving from New York to Boston. If you are local to the Boston area and you would like to help out at the booth, let me know and join the mailing list.

If you would like to help maintain the Debian webmin and usermin packages which I orphaned a couple of month ago, get an account on alioth and let me know so I can add you to the pkg-webmin project. You don't have to be a developer but a good knowledge of perl will help as that is what this software is written in. A mailing list has also been set up for coordinating maintenence.

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