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This is a weblog I'm keeping about my work on Debian and any other useful Debian related info I come across. It is not meant to compete with other news sources like Debian Weekly News or Debian Planet. Mostly it is just a way for me to classify and remember all the random bits of information that I have floating around me. I thought maybe by using a blog it could be of some use to others too. Btw. "I" refers to Jaldhar H. Vyas, Debian developer for over 8 years. If you want to know more about me, my home page is here.

The name? Debain is a very common misspelling of Debian and la salle de bains means bathroom in French.

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Saturday, November 6 2021

Sal Mubarak 2078!

Diwali Fireworks

Wishing everyone in Debian good health and prosperity in the Gujarati New Year Vikram Samvat 2078 called Pramadi.

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Wednesday, January 20 2021

To Mega Therion

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Tuesday, November 17 2020

Sal Mubarak 2077!

[Celebrating Diwali wearing a mask]

Best wishes to the entire Debian world for a happy, prosperous and safe Gujarati new year, Vikram Samvat 2077 named Paridhawi.

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Tuesday, November 5 2019

My Brexit Joke

As it is Bonfire Night (aka Guy Fawkes Night) and I might not get another chance to tell it given recent events, without further ado I present my Brexit joke.

Race relations in Britain have improved tremendously in recent years for Blacks and Asians but sadly bigots have a new target: the large number of people who have recently emigrated from Eastern Europe. Why Boris Johnson only made a pierogi in Parliament and one and half million people signed a petition to stop him.

There you have it, my Brexit joke. Thankyou very much and goodnight!

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Monday, October 28 2019

Sal Mubarak 2076

Ganga Arati at Haradwar

It's the Gujarati new year and to the entire Debian community, best wishes for good health and great prosperity in Vikram Samvat 2076 (named Virodhakrt.)

The image above is not exactly related; it's actually the Ganga Arati at Haradwar which I recently visited and will write more about later.

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Thursday, November 8 2018

Sal Mubarak 2075

Best wishes to one and all for a prosperous and auspicious Gujarati New Year (V.S. 2075 called sadharana.)

We have spent Diwali week this year in sunny Orlando Florida doing various touristy things. (None of which involve a certain copyright hoarding mouse I'm happy to say.) I didn't put up a [VAC] notice because I haven't really been doing anything much in Debian of late. That is something I hope to change in the coming year but I'll think about that later. Right now I'm excited about the day trip we're going to make to Cape Canaveral. So here is a picture of Apollo 12, one of the biggest fireworks Man has ever sent to the Gods on Diwali 2026. Well, the pedant in me is forced to point out the launch date was actually Labh Pancham but that's close enough.

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Thursday, November 2 2017

New Hackergotchi

The sole purpose of this post is to check my new hackergotchi looks ok on Debian Planet. As I've lost a lot of weight and this is the second Diwali I've managed to survive without regaining, I thought I should update it to a more accurate depiction.

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Saturday, October 21 2017

Sal Mubarak 2074

Wishing all Debian people a prosperous and auspicious Gujarati new year (V.S. 2074 called Saumya.)

This year fireworks became legal for the first time in New Jersey. Not that it ever stopped us before but it is nice to see the government stop meddling for no reason. (Eff you, Indian Supreme Court.)

Sparklers on Diwali.

Although you can only see sparklers in the picture above, we got enough armament to make ISIS jealous. There were also lots of diabetes-inducing sweets and (inexpensive, practical) presents for young and old. That's what I call a proper Diwali and new year.

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Wednesday, May 24 2017

For Downtown Hoboken

Q: What should you do if you see a spaceman?

A: Park there before someone takes it, man.

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Monday, March 6 2017

7DRL 2017

It's time once again for the 7-day Roguelike challenge. This years attempt is entitled "Casket of Deplorables".

Further updates will be posted here.

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